Sunday, 13 February 2011

First prints, weird veg and new sewing box!

Last week I spent my first week in the print room and it will probably be the first of many. It was really quite as all of the 2nd year's were in Paris and so were a few from my year. So I made the most of a deserted dye lab and print table. The product of my labours are pictured. I'm pleased with some more than others, but it's all just development at the moment.

The weird vegetable I found in a super market and thought it looked quite alien-like. Made more funny looking by being vivid lime green! It's a Romanesco and is a friend of the cauliflower. I liked the form and it would have been great to draw for my minor project, shame I didn't find it sooner really.

I am now the proud owner of a good old fashioned sewing box! It's great and I've got most of my stuff in it. Previously all my sewing things were in little individual boxes and lids were always popping off and bits falling out everywhere. Now it's all together and looks fab, and hopefully nothing will fallout.

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