Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Final lengths!

FINAL LENGTHS!!! These are the two scariest words in this project so far, HAND-IN are two more, but I'm not worrying about that just yet. The last few days at college have been a bit nerve racking, but I decided it was time to tackle my lengths. I started with a simpler design the "Sycamore" which has just one silk screen. The trick was to get the pattern lined up correctly and the devore paste on evenly. As you can see it seems to have worked out well, phew!

The "Clematis" design was a little more complicated with 3 silk screens needed to build up the design. After a day of do I don't I print this as a length, I bit the bullet and here we are, another one done. There are a few bits that aren't as perfect as I would like, but it adds character to the print and shows it's been hand done. The fresh spring green compliments the green of the "Sycamore" design so that they work as a complimenting pair.


  1. well done Mrs, I love the green, so fresh and happy x

  2. I loved the sycamore design when I saw it in your bay and can't wait to see your length for the Clematis