Monday, 4 April 2011

And so to thread!

It's time to get sewing! The second part of my project involves embroidery and time to sit and ponder as I sew, ( and rest the poor tired knees, which have been aching like mad from standing for long periods).

I am combining print with stitch and introducing some typography too, which is something a little unusual for me. I often put words on my drawing sheets, but they never seem to make it onto my patterns. I'm also looking forward to using my Madeira threads and my ever growing collection of beads and bits.

The contraption in the image, that is kindly holding my embroidery and hoop, is affectionately known as the dinosaur. A very lovely friend of mine, has lent it to me and it's a great help, as you have two free hands to sew with. This means I don't suffer from quite as much back ache or stiff shoulders whilst sewing.


  1. I need a dinosaur!!
    looking good, gorg colours!!
    Jayne x