Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Goodbye Hartlepool

It's time to say a fond and sad farewell to sunny Hartlepool and the college :-(. This week we took down the degree show and said our goodbyes. There were lots of hugs and tears, but lots of best wishes said. Cleveland college has been a brilliant place to spend the last 3 years and the staff have been very supportive and the family like atmosphere has certainly been in abundance.

My VERY last day there was yesterday, where the 14 students chosen for New Designers got together to organise work for the stand and sort out portfolios. It was a bit weird as it seemed that we were the only people in the building and the rest of the place felt like a ghost town. We had great fun though in our portfolio session, with Britain's got talent style selection process that was taken in good humour! I'll never be able to hear a buzzer again without thinking of Claire and Lyndon and their great delight at pressing the button! Next week on the stand is going to be hard-work and exhausting at times, but I'm sure there will be lots of fun too.


  1. Sooo Sad i will miss it and everyone x

  2. Hopefully see you at New Designers on the 30th if you are on duty? Otherwise I will keep following your blog and hope to see you again somewhere somehow. x