Friday, 16 December 2011

Angie Lewin and oooh it makes me want to print!!

Yesterday was one of those days that come around once a year and you age a little more! I'm not sure I like the age I've become, but I'm sure I'll get used to it and besides I feel a lot younger than the years I've accumulated. Anyway I thought I would post some fabulous gifts I received as I found them so inspiring and beautiful. The images top and middle are from Angie Lewin's gorgeous book "Plants and Places", where really you can't fail to be inspired by her lovely woodblock, lino and screen prints. I love the way she translates seed heads and seaweed and how her prints have so much movement and form. After devouring the images in her book I want to get out my lino and cutting tools and create something lovely.

I also got a lovely set of woodblock letters. I have been wanting a set of these for I don't know long and my favourite person in the whole world found a set for me. I love the smoothness of the wood and the way the old dye has seeped into the wood and coloured it. Each letter is carved very carefully and the grain in evident in some and are just beautiful. I can't wait to print with them and work them into a design.

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