Monday, 28 May 2012

Sun spots

WOW what lovely weather we've been enjoying at the moment! It's great seeing everyone much more relaxed and in their summer clothes, lots of pretty dresses and tops around. Not sure the world is ready for my ghost like legs yet though, may have to get out the fake tan!

Anyway, I've been looking around for new things to draw and finding all sorts of things now the light is brighter. I spotted this the other day as the sun shone through my dinning room window and thought how beautiful it was. I managed to get a snap of it before the sun moved round, I love the texture and the patterns. So this afternoon I'm going to have a go at translating it into a drawing as well as finishing a drawing sheet off I started a while ago and haven't managed to complete yet.

Keep happy enjoy the sun :-)

1 comment:

  1. Its so beautiful it reminds me of a sort of cell formation at first glance. I love the way things change completely when the sun moves and the way a room changes colour completely depending upon the time of day. The sun just makes everything so much happier, we have had a lot of sea fret though spoiling the sunshine. One of the downsides of living very near the coast. Look forward to seeing your drawings! jayne x