Thursday, 30 August 2012

Raw Edges Design Studio

Interior - Raw Edges Design Studio:

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Working in the flooring industry means you become obsessed with what's out there and how designers push the boundaries. I found Raw Edges through the Elle Decoration awards and was keen to have a closer look at their work.

Raw Edges are Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay and have treated block flooring as if it were pixels on a screen. Each oak block is dyed a specific colour and then laid to make a design that has been carefully planned and mapped out.

I love it, I love the way that at first glance it looks like a random laying of coloured blocks, but when you take a closer look a pattern emerges. Bold and clever, subtle and contemporary fabulous!

For more images of these floors and more of Raw Edges work follow the link above.


  1. what a brilliant concept, going to have a closer look Tracy. jayne x

  2. It's obvious! Why is none else doing this!