Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sewing in the sun.

What a gorgeous day it's been here in Newcastle today! Absolutely fantastic to see a bit of the old sun and blue sky. My lovely husband has had a great time pottering in the garden and I've been enjoying sewing in the sun.

I've been enjoying using my machine of late for making up cushions for my  Etsy shop and for other bits and pieces. But as it sat by my sunny window today with it's cover on, I felt ashamed of the sad flimsy cover it was sporting! 
Not only did it not look very nice anyway, it was made worse by the huge tear that had appeared and really was not serving it's purpose of stopping dust and dirt getting in and onto my machine, see image below.

So feeling inspired and full of the joys of sunshine I had a rummage in my fabric cupboard for a suitable piece to use. I also looked about for a pattern to help me with the shape, as I had never tackled anything like this before. 
I found a jolly print from my last project at college and teamed it with the digital print I designed for my stand at the NEC last year. 
After a bit of measuring, double checking, cutting, sewing and hemming TA-DA!! 
My poor sewing machine now has a very jolly, spring coloured cover that will definitely keep the dust out and it looks much smarter too.

 Although not really connected to making new covers for sewing machines, I thought you might like this picture of the crocus's in our garden. They were certainly enjoying the warmth of the sun today as well and perhaps might even open up if it stays warm.

Thank you for popping by and look forward to seeing you again next time. T :)

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  1. How lovely to be sitting in the sun sewing, what could be nicer. Love your new cover. Great to see some signs of spring! x