Monday, 17 June 2013

Woop Studios a creative collective.....

I was out and about the other day buying milk and bread when I happened to pass the magazine rack and the lovely bright cover of the Homemaker magazine caught my eye. I'm always on the look out for inspiration and things to make and ideas for trends. I'd not noticed this particular magazine before, but after a flick through I just had to buy it! 

It has lots of lovely ideas for things to make from blinds to cakes as well as ways to perk up tired furniture and liven up your home. It has a mix of vintage inspired design as well as the more contemporary. Pieces on current trends in the stores for fabric and home wares and interviews with creative companies and people.

This issue (7) also has a fabulous supplement full of the gorgeous work of Woop Studios. The founder members Miraphora Mina, Eduardo Lima, Harriet Logan, and Mark Faulkner all share a love of words and graphic design. This combination is used to create beautiful and  fun prints with collective nouns in a variety of interesting fonts. Below are 3 of my favourites, two of which are in the supplement and one I spotted and fell in love with on their website.

This lovely and serene print of swans gliding across the pool is great with it's limited colour palette and very much reminds me of images from the Art Deco period.

Sitting in my garden over the last few weeks has been lovely, because if you sit quietly enough you not only hear the blue tits and the black birds, but you may even get to see one hopping around in the branches looking for the fat balls and seeds we put out. This poster just reminds me of my little birds flitting around and singing their little hearts out and certainly is charming.

I just had to include this one, being a ballistic owl. I've been calling my little collection of owls an Owlery, but perhaps the correct term should be parliament as in this poster. I love all the mysterious eyes shining through the darkness.

Woop produce these great prints as posters and also on greetings cards and home wares. I think I've just sorted my father in laws birthday present out for this year, as well as finding a great studio to be inspired by!

Thank you for stopping by and hope you find some inspiration too :-)


  1. I have never seen that magazine either Tracy but will have a look for it. Great when you find an inspirational magazine, I love Living etc.

  2. It's great and has lots to inspire and I love the posters in the supplement. I really like living etc too, but haven't seen in our store for a while. Often get Elle Decoration & World of interiors, sometimes find homes and antiques interesting too.