Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Puffins galore and Drift

I've been a little quiet of late and that is due to several things. The first is that I went on holiday and had a great time in the Lake District and in Northumberland. The second is that I've been working on a little project for an exciting opportunity that arose while on holiday.

One of our day trips was to Staple Island the home of the puffins within the Farnes and wow did we see lots of these funny little chaps. They were all full of personality and I loved watching them landing and taking off as they are not the most aerodynamic of birds. The little chap pictured below really charmed us with his little present. I came away inspired and knew there was a project theme to start work on.

The offering- photograph copyright Marek Bidwell 2013

 After a lovely lunch in Seahouses we popped into Drift a gorgeous art, craft and gift shop owned by Julie and Nick. They asked me if I would produce some prints for them and that is what I've been working on. It's been so exciting to have a live project and I enjoyed it so much and feel I've caught a little of each personality in my prints. Today I took them in and I'm delighted to say that they took the lot as well as some other pictures I'd taken. So I now have my first stockist whoop!

L-R Gossip, Fish Supper and The offering, copyright Ballistic Owl 2013

If you find yourself at Seahouses do pop into Drift and look for my puffins and perhaps take one home with you!

 Drift art, craft and gift shop Main street, Seahouses.

Thank you for stopping by and I promise to not leave it so long next time :-)


  1. Congratulations Tracy, and what an appropriate place to be selling them.I love puffins and I'm sure they will be very popular..

  2. Well done. This time last year I did exactly the same - we stayed in Bamburgh and only just caught the last few puffins before they left for the open sea. Love those puffins....