Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Beautiful, Kayla Coo

Image Kayla Coo

Whilst at the NEC last month amongst lots of creative people in a buzzing atmosphere, sat opposite me quietly sewing on her machine was Michala Gyetvai of Kayla Coo. On the first day she was working on a small piece that by the next seemed to have grown huge! I worked out as the day went on that it was a different piece. I grabbed a few minutes towards the end of one day and went and had a closer look at this fabulous piece of work.

Michala was lovely and very happy to talk about her work. It all starts from her paintings, which she then translates with felt, hand and machine stitch, she says she is really painting with stitches. She works on small tiny pieces such as the ones pictured above, to huge wall pieces like the one she was working on that first day. With all the stitching and felting the fabric takes on a life of it's own and warps to add further dimension and texture.

When I got home I looked up Kayla Coo's blog and wow what a treat, you can't fail to be inspired by this beautiful work. Her love of painting, nature and trees really comes through in lovely intricate stitching and thoughtful colour palettes. So if you feel like a pick me up and want to see something really beautiful pop over and have a look at Kayla Coo!


  1. Yes, she's great isn't she? But then, so are you! There's room for us all in our different ways. Regards...

  2. Wow thanks Tracey this is so kind of you.
    Your work is very inspiring too.
    I love your vintage vibe and clever mix of pattern,print and stitch.
    M x