Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Beauty in the new and the old.

Blossom it's everywhere!
It maybe old but it's beautiful.

Spring is definitely here, all the beautiful blossom trees where I live are out in all their glory. The huge cherry tree that I can see out of my studio window was a bit of a late starter, but has finally put her glad rags on! The birds love it and can be seen happily hopping around in it singing their little hearts outs. I love the variety of the colours of blossom and the deep pink almost magenta coloured is rapidly becoming my favourite. It all just makes me feel so happy and raring to get creative.

The old wallpaper revealed after an old box on the wall had been moved is equally as beautiful as the fresh blossom. I love the faded tones and the worn off bits. It is inspiring thoughts on a theme I've dabbled with over the last few months, but may pursue with more vigour now that I have a bit more time to explore new ideas. I've been exploring new techniques too and experimenting with my drawings for work more, so maybe I can bring some of that into some new designs for Ballistic Owl. Will let you know how I get on.

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