Friday, 13 July 2012

Spacecraft but not as you know it....

I've been gathering new and interesting websites, blogs and images over the last week, always looking for new and exciting things to inspire me. I came across the website of Spacecraft a design and printing studio in Melbourne. Their gorgeous designs vary from the bold geometrics to the more photographic, using old photos of architecture and people. The fabrics produced are used for interior accessories and wall panels, from the images on the site it looks like a very busy studio.

Whilst doing all their fantastic printing they discovered that as the print went through to the backing cloth over time it built up a new and fascinating design all of it's own. Now they preserve these beautiful yet accidental prints, finish them and use them in making cushions and other interior accessories or create lovely wall panels. I think they are beautiful and every time you look at one you see something different, the use of photographs and the bold patterns makes for interesting layering and textures. I'm completely inspired!!

Do you remember the backing cloths at college that we all enjoyed trying to spot different peoples work on? Well maybe we should have got the college to preserve them and then we could make fantastic things and sell them!

This is what the studio calls a Friday cushion, each Friday a member of the team chooses a selection of fabrics and makes a unique cushion. I love this jolly yellow one and the beautiful patterns that have been incorporated into it. If you do fancy a look at the website you will also see cushions and other items with the backing cloth fabric being incorporated into them.

Now I'm completely inspired I'm off to create!!


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