Monday, 15 April 2013

Tracy A Franklin - an inspiration to get the needles and threads out!

A dear friend of mine bought my attention to the very talented Tracy Franklin the other day and looking through her website and blog I was amazed and inspired by her beautiful embroidery. Tracy is a local artist based in Durham and creates beautiful pieces with a traditional feel. Often looking to Celtic patterns and historical references, she gives them a contemporary look by using unconventional materials and acquired threads.

Tracy Franklin- Specialist embroiderer.

Tracy uses various techniques in her pieces including crewel work, white work, gold work and applique all used to build up beautiful textures and patterns. Tracy also teaches on the techniques she uses and often has courses available and her studio is stuffed full of fabric and threads.

So next time I'm in Durham I will pop down to Fowler's Yard and take a peek at Tracy's studio and her gorgeous work.

If you would like more information on Tracy and her work please follow this link and be prepared to be amazed! Tracy A Franklin - specialist embroiderer:

Oh and she also has a list of published books on the techniques she uses, these are listed on her website which is also gorgeous.

Thank you for dropping by, I'm now going to get my needles and threads out and do some inspired embroidery :-)
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  1. Tracy's work is remarkable, I visited her studio a while ago and next door Julia Triston who makes gorgeous work too. Amazingly precise embroidery just gorgeous x

  2. Thank you for the lovely comments - much appreciated!

  3. Tracy, you are very welcome and I will pop in next time I'm in Durham. :-)