Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wall art - Secret Garden

If you've been keeping an eye on my Facebook pages you will have seen little snippets of this embroidery over the past few weeks. I've really enjoyed doing it and building the layers within stitch and beading work. Well I can now say it's FINISHED yay!

I decided to semi quilt it and have some areas that were just embroidered through the cotton layer and other sections through both the quilting and cotton. It adds a variety of textures and depth and it kept my knee lovely and warm on those cold days we had a week or so ago.

It's called Secret Garden as it tells the story of a wonder around a beautiful garden and highlights all the lovely things you may spot or find there. I love visiting gardens and finding inspiration in the borders and meadows.

Part quilted section with images of feather finds. 
Copyright Tracy Bidwell 2013
 My favourite bit of the piece, love the combination of colours, layers and textures.
Copyright Tracy Bidwell 2013
 The peacock feather.
Copyright Tracy Bidwell 2013
 The whole piece complete with ribbon for hanging.
Copyright Tracy Bidwell 2013

Secret Garden may find it's way onto my website or my Etsy shop, I've not quite decided yet, but it makes a beautiful wall hanging.

Thank you popping by and I'll look forward to seeing you again soon :-)


  1. That is a beautiful piece of work you have created Tracy. I love the colours you have used and my favourite part is the feathers - they are gorgeous x

  2. Thank you Jayne :-) It was a great piece to do and I'm keen to do another now, so keep an eye out as I will post images of it's progress.