Friday, 3 January 2014

First post of 2014!

Happy New Year everyone and I hope 2014 treats you all kindly :-)

It's been a little while, I know and I'm sad I've neglected my little blog, but things at Ballistic Owl have been a bit busy on the run up to festive season. As previously mentioned in my Ink, cards and robins post, I've been working my four days in the fabulous Details art shop. It has been lovely to help people with their purchases of arty gifts for loved ones to open on Christmas day.

If you love creating things then why not drop by and see what we have! Details is a great place to get all the media for your projects and we have a frame shop on the premises so you can have your master pieces framed. Stock includes, papers for all media, oil, gouache, watercolour and acrylic paints, pastels, pencil crayons and canvas. We also have lino and printing ink, so those of you who print can get supplies too.

Details is part of the Newcastle Arts Centre and is located on Westgate Road just around the corner from Newcastle train station. The lovely gift shop is at the front and sells work by local artists and designer makers, as you walk through the gift shop you'll see the gallery space and then Details itself.

Details art shop, full to the brim of great art materials.

The other activity that has kept me busy involved preparing my work for a gallery in Sunderland called Creative Cohesion, an art collective that converted an old garage near Sunniside  and are now promoting many creative practise's in the Sunderland area. They organise workshops, markets and loads of other great stuff for all ages to drop in and do something creative, from glass blowing to sewing.

Here are a few of the pieces I took down and enjoyed working on and are available to buy in the gallery.

 Bird in the flower bed. Ballistic Owl 2013
 Green Humming bird. Ballistic Owl 2013
Autumn Owl. Ballistic Owl 2013
A collection of screen printed home accessories. Ballistic Owl 2013

I'm now working on new projects and in the process of creating a new textile piece, as well as drawing and being inspired by some of the photos taken on my new camera. Here's a couple taken on Christmas day at one of our favourite nature reserves.

 Nuthatch having a spot of breakfast. Ballistic Owl 2013
Sprucing up the feathers. Ballistic Owl 2013

Thank you for popping by and hopefully it won't be so long between posts next time!


  1. Hi Tracy, happy new year to you. You have been busy. It must be lovely working with all the art materials - don't think I would have any wages left! Glad to hear you are working on some new projects. I am starting at the very beginning, got a seed of an idea so I am going to start a sketchbook and draw!! A scary prospect. hope to catch up with you soon. Jayne x

  2. Hi Jayne, Happy New Year to you too! It is great and yes it can be very tempting to buy things, so far I think I've quite good. New projects are always exciting, you'll have to post some pictures of your drawings for us to see. I'm sure whatever you do will be gorgeous :-) Are you still doing the market at Tynemouth? If so will have to pop down and see you. Tracy x