Monday, 13 January 2014

Sewing a meadow.

While off over the Christmas break I started mulling over an idea for a new project, something I could sit and stitch in the evenings after work or develop on my days off. 

Sewing a meadow was roughly sketched out on note paper and then I dug out some fabric that should have been a plain table runner, as it was a natural cream colour it would make a great back ground for my meadow. It was too long as it was so I cut it into smaller sections, this also makes it a little more in proportion and easier to manage. I then hand painted the background and roughly sketched some trees.

Then onto tackling the large tree in the fore ground. I love the textures you find on some trees especially old knarled ones. I also love silver birch trees and how they sometimes have that lovely smooth silvery bark or another type has a rougher texture with silver bits peeking through. Here I used a mixture of textures to portray that including lace and felt.

After adding some branches to my tree and stitching the trees in the mid section, I started creating the plants and grasses in the fore ground. The varigated thread that had been sitting in my sewing box was brilliant for the dried colours of this hedge row grass. I'm also adding other textures to add a bit of variety to the piece and help with depth.

As it progresses I'll post images onto my Facebook page, although for some reason instagram has stopped posting straight to my page, not entirely sure why. But you can click on the small image and it will open up or alternatively see it on Twitter.

Another topic close to my heart is architecture and I have enjoyed the walk down to work in the peace of the morning and looking at the great buildings we have in Newcastle and snapping any that inspire me. This drawing was inspired by a reflection of an old building in a newer building and the sun was a blaze on the lovely sandstone of Emerson Chambers, gorgeous!

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