Monday, 19 May 2014

Decorating, experimenting and exploring.

Hello all, sorry it's been a while since my last post. The art shop has been keeping me busy and I've also been decorating the house, well the hall, stairs and landing to be precise which was a fairly big job! Anyway that's all done for the time being and I can get back to Ballistic Owl and creating beautiful pieces.

My favourite bit of the landing after the redecoration.

While I've been painting walls I've been thinking about what I can be doing for my next project and mapping out ideas and collecting images. I've also been out and about with the camera taking snaps of lovely things to inspire my new project as well as future ones.

I've also been experimenting with various techniques and also working on some embroideries, here's a snippet for those who haven't found my facebook page yet.

The three images above were part of an experiment using cyanotype, which is a fun technique to try out on a warm sunny day. I have then selected certain sections and embellished them with stitch. The birds linking them altogether, but they don't have to be together as will stand alone quite nicely.

This rather fun and you never know what's going to happen technique is done using photo paper, dye and ink. I loved the depth it produced and the gorgeous mini images you find within the piece. I'm now working on how to incorporate this into a piece.

My new project is looking at an old favourite, architecture, but looking at it from a different view point and trying out some of these new techniques I've been exploring. My one of my first drawings is this one exploring the angles of the Co-op building in Newcastle town centre.

Keeping it simple, but with a ping of colour.

Alongside a friend from work I'm also exploring my journey to work and taking pictures of things that catch my eye that day. It may be a road sign, a tree or a building, but all form part of my journey. Myself and my friend's destination is the same, but reached from different parts of town, so it's interesting to see the pictures as they're gathered.

My first few pictures taken on Friday 16th May.

So as you can see I've been pretty busy and  I have not been neglecting the creativity, just nurturing it a little bit and giving it some tlc.

Keep in touch and keep popping by, see you next time.

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