Monday, 16 June 2014

Snaps from my city.

I'm really loving my journey through Newcastle and down to the Arts Centre and each morning I will either take lots of pictures or if I'm laden down or time is tight I will plan images for the next trip. Doing a project like this makes you look at the city you live in, in a new light. You start to notice the small things or things that you step over every day and other people's routines. I'd also not realised that we had so many plaques commemorating so many great people who built or influenced our gorgeous city. 

I'm now going to incorporate some of these finds into my drawing project. 

Another thing I'm going to do is explore how many routes from my starting point there are down to the Art Centre and investigate interesting architecture and details along the way. I have two routes at the moment and there at least two more I can explore.

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