Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Whilst in the land of dragons

Just returned from a lovely break in Wales down on the Gower Peninsular. I had a lovely time and even though it was a long, long drive from Newcastle it was worth it. We found some gorgeous beaches and even learnt that the Torchwood series had filmed on the bay at Rhosili, which is a fantastic 3 mile long beach not far from the end of of the peninsular (above image).

We also visited the National Botanical Garden of Wales, which was a lovely place to relax and enjoy the flowers and plants. It's a huge place and one that we discovered can't really be done in a day. So maybe next time we're down that way, we'll go back and finish it off. In the gallery space there, they had an exhibition by KATIE ALLEN who paints gorgeous pictures of woods and flowers. We fell in love with the Cherry Blossom print and also liked the one above called "Crocus Woodland", all full of movement and interesting patterns. Might have to save some money and buy a print! Take a look at her website, link above.

Monday, 8 August 2011

I'm still here!

It's been a short while since my last post, but I am still here. I've been enjoying pottering around and visiting some lovely places (well at least before all the rain started). This image was taken at Cherryburn the home of Thomas Bewick a wood engraver and print maker. It's a small place but interesting to see the small blocks he worked on.

I have also been looking through some of my old images and working on some ideas for pattern designs. There are a couple of competitions coming up, so I have been busy finding inspiration for those too. Generally doing research and a few rough sketches.Over the next few weeks I will be preparing some new work to add to my portfolio to take to Decorex. We are also moving house, so I will be busy packing boxes and clearing out junk. I'm really looking forward to being in the new house and having a new place to decorate and a new study to design in!