Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Patterns going mobile!

The last few weeks have been really exciting for Ballistic Owl! I've not only been working on a commission, but I've also had 10 of my designs licensed! 

Keka Case is an American based company who design and produce cases for mobile phones and devices such as Kindles and ipads. They have a core group of designers, which include Rachael Taylor and Debra Valencia, but have expanded their design collective to include some new kids like me! 

At the moment 6 of my patterns are available, but soon that will go up to 10 with my remaining patterns still being mocked up at present. I chose a mix of patterns based on my themes of botanical gardens and microscopic plants cells. So some are more illustrative and others more funky.

They are available to order and are shipped to the UK as well as throughout America. So if you're wondering what to buy your friend this Christmas, why not get them a designer ipad case or phone cover.

News on my commission will follow shortly and I also have now got a job at the Newcastle Art Centre working in the art shop with a possibility of leading some print workshops :-)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Mixing it up

I have had fun over the last week or so and have got back into screen printing after I had a light bulb moment on what I could try with the designs I currently have on my screens. I knew I hadn't finished with the design, but until now had sort of run out of things to try. 

A while back I read a post by Clarissa Hulse whose work I really love and admire. It was about a trip the John Lewis team paid to her studio and what a great time they'd had experimenting with print. I have always loved the colour blends in Clarissa's work, but for some reason not dared to try it myself.

Last week I had a go and had great fun mixing my inks and allowed myself to be looser in my work and not worry about straight lines or miss prints. If you check out my facebook page you'll see some of the results.

The piece featured below is one of those prints that I decided to use as a further experiment. I've been given a book that explores mixing up techniques and textures and includes a lot of collage using layers of paper as well as fabric. Based on some of those ideas and inspirations I got sewing and playing around with bits of wood, paper and scraps of fabric.......

Across the meadow - by Tracy Bidwell copyright 2013

Detail of Across the meadow - by Tracy Bidwell copyright 2013

On the same day I printed the background for Across the meadow, I also printed these lovely table mats with my Gothic print. A friend gave me the mats to play around with and I'm pleased she did, may have to find some more now! 
Gothic printed in dark chocolate and coffee - by Tracy Bidwell copyright 2013

Off now to play with another print that I did in a similar style! 

Thank you for all your support and encouragement and for reading all my ramblings :-)