Friday, 31 May 2013

Remodeling and new work

Over the past few weeks I have been re-familiarising myself with some of the tools in Photoshop that I've not used for a while. I'm an old fashioned girl really and love hand drawing my designs and pattern repeats. But in the digital age you have to embrace some aspects. I've quite enjoyed tweaking old designs and experimenting with new ones. 

Moorish was my design for the Kleenex competition and I decided it would make a rather nice pattern for other things. 

 Moorish copyright Ballistic Owl 2013

Here I've changed the colours to give it a more earthy tone and I liked it so much it has become one of my new rug designs.

I've also tweaked a few other designs, giving them a more neutral colour palette. I rather like Sycamore in it's grey scale colour-way.

 Sycamore charcoal & grey copyright Ballistic Owl 2013

Look for these in the Originate collection at I've also reformatted the pages and tidied a few things.

This design was for a entry to a design brief that I really enjoyed doing and got to explore some of my floral drawings and a more pastel colour palette. It also got me practising my digital repeat skills! Fingers crossed it is chosen by the company who set the brief.

Passion Flower copyright Ballistic Owl 2013

I've been loving making items for my market stalls and really love this tiny, itsy bitsy piece that has a combination of screen print and embroidery and yet only measures about an 1 1/2 inches! If you'd like to see it and more then they will be with me at Tynemouth Market this Sunday (2nd June) on the East concourse

Itsy Bisty lavender copyright Ballistic Owl 2013

Hope to see you all soon, and thank you for the support and comments, it is very much appreciated :-)

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  1. I love the Moorish design Tracy, hopefully you will do well in the competition. I will try and pop along to Tynemouth on Sunday to see you. Love the look of your other new work and look forward to seeing, and you in the flesh if you know what I mean! Jayne x