Friday, 10 May 2013

Stitching, printing and making for the debut!

This week has been a little hectic in the Ballistic Owl Studio and you can barely see any work surface or floor for that matter! But it has been great fun and it's good to be stuck into a project and have a deadline. It reminds me of those mad days at CCAD when it was coming up to hand in and project work, paper,scissors and mugs were littered all over the place. 

It is all in preparation for Tynemouth market, which is a great place and always has a jolly atmosphere. On Saturday 11th May (tomorrow!!) Ballistic Owl will have it's first ever stand, selling cushions, lampshades and works of art. All, as many of you will have seen on my Facebook (Ballistic Owl) page, have been created in my home studio and the screens washed out in the bath (I do give it a good scrub afterwards).

Yesterday I did a little experiment to see if I could print a small section of repeat pattern. It's a little tricky as I don't have stops on my cobbled together print table, so it had to all be worked out by measuring and by eye. But it worked quite well, not perfect, but almost. It has mow been made up into something rather exciting and will feature on the stall tomorrow.

Gothic repeat copyright Ballistic Owl/Tracy Bidwell 2013

For those who have not made it to Tynemouth Market before, here's a little peep at what it's like. It's always busy and has a great feel to it and there's always lots to see. I just hope it will be sunny like it is in this image.

Tynemouth Market, image from Tynemouth market website.

This is a small selection of the stock I will have on the stall, I've since added to it and will even have my rug on display that I had made for the NEC last year. All I need to do now is finish labelling and pricing and pack it all ready to put in the boot. Fingers crossed I get it all done and that I'm not in bed too late as it's a fairly early start in the morning.

So if you are about tomorrow morning and fancy a trip up to the coast, do pop by the stall and say hi, it will be lovely to see you.

Collection of Ballistic Owl cushions and lampshades. Copyright Ballistic Owl/Tracy Bidwell 2013

Must go and get those labels done, see you next time :-)


  1. Hope you enjoyed your market experience Tracy. I got there too late sorry. We babysat our grandchild in the morning unexpectedly so the day just ran away with us. The food market was on in Tynemouth all weekend. My sister in law and I had a stall today, we sell clothes, bags and bits and bobs from home and it was much quieter than usual although there were a lot of people around. Are you intending doing another stall. Jayne x

  2. Hi Jayne, It was good fun although rather chilly with the wind blowing along. As a non regular I was sort of on the fringe, but got a fair few people down. Sold a couple of bits and had some lovely feedback and comments. Gave out quite a few business cards and postcards with my details on to people who were interested and wanted to look at my website.

    May do another, but have smaller items on it, so will have to get making those. Might do it once a month or so and see how it goes. All the other stall holders were lovely an felt very welcome and got a few tips from them. Tracy :-)